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We had the privilege of working with an Australian icon Qantas Freight to dress the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence (COSE). There were several working parts to this event. The first was the giant ULD box. For those playing at home, a ULD box is a Qantas freight box used to transport items.

The giant ULD box was constructed completely out of tension fabric and was a custom construction. The purpose of the box was to have it as an interactive space which would have the back wall features projection mapping of various Qantas freight routes. The box was constructed in a way that the back wall could also be removed to create a walkway style that could be accessed from either end and be utilised for future events and shows.

To carry the visual cues of the ULD box, we were tasked with the creation of several custom ULD light boxes constructed out of acrylic to give a magical sheen to the display. The lightboxes were stacked to create an iconic showpiece.

A large scale, self-standing world map was created to show the various freight routes. Employees were encouraged to use markers to draw on new routes they would like to see onto the map which added to the interactivity of the event. This worked so nicely as freight is all about movement.

We also created some additional non-fabric pieces to add dynamism to the display. To highlight the Qantas Freight logo and carry branding throughout the space, we re-created the logo out of foam. Each piece was individually cut and painted to create a largescale and moveable logo that helped to fill the space beautifully create a strong brand presence in the space. The beauty of the foam logo is that it can be moved around so easily and used again and again.

To add additional branding to an undressed space, the Qantas logo was printed in vinyl and prominently laid across glass at the entry to COSE.

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qantas ULD unit

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