Qantas arch – Sydney morning herald half marathon

We were afforded the opportunity to create a custom branded arch for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon. The SMH Half Marathon covers a distance of 21.1kms starting on College Street and ending on Hyde Park North. It is a super popular event with over 11,000 entrants in 2018.  Interlocking frames join together seamlessly and in minutes to create a solid structure to create archways. The frames of the archway were dressed with branded fabric.

The custom arch was easy to put together and was constructed in under an hour.  Archways can be created in any shape conceivable to create the perfect look for your event.  The Qantas Assurance arch was printed in striking Qantas red featuring from branding for both event and sponsor. The arch was completed with a fabric finish line ribbon so bring together the brief of creating an archway that looked like a finish line!

The arch way packs down for easy transport and storage. The base plates come in a padded bag with wheels and fabric can be stored in a secure duffle bag. The beauty of fabric is that it is lightweight and easy to install. Lights can be integrated into a display for added illumination at night.

Installation is simple and comes complete with easy to follow instructions. Staff at the event were able to install and pack down with ease. The beauty of arch ways is that they can be used multiple times and are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.


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Qantas arch

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