OZ Harvest

We had the pleasure of collaborating with OzHarvest Australia’s leading food rescue organization, to provide various branded pieces to support the CEO Cookoff in 2017. Participants at the CEO CookOff event come together to provide delicious meals to feed over 1,100 vulnerable, disadvantaged or homeless Australians.

A stage set up was designed and printed onto fabric walls of different sizes which joined together to create a strongly branded backdrop for the event. Fabricated provided holistic support for the event from graphic design to printed elements and installation. The strong branding and iconography was carried throughout the venue through the use of both freestanding and suspended fabric signage.The result was a strong and consistent branded message carried throughout the venue which was warm, inviting and unmistakably OzHarvest.

The benefits of selecting tension fabric elements for your event is the fact that all elements can be reused. Additionally, should branding or graphic requirements change new fabric can be printed and existing frameworks can be used again and again! Fabric is a great solution for any event as it can be recycled and transported very efficiently.

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