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LG Room
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  1. Comment by Megan

    Megan Reply April 20, 2022 at 1:28 pm


    I’m looking for a topline quick quote so that I can go back to my client. I need a pop-up solution to use for 2 weeks. This needs to be quite dark inside so our assets will be visible being lit up inside. As such, please could you confirm how much the challenge room square box cost – that looks like the perfect size and darkness! While having an open front too. What material is this used from? Would it be possible to attached screens/ ipads on the outside? Is this for purchase or hire? What size is this?

    Could you also let me know how much the arch that you put inside the bus cost? While we don’t need the bus (!) the arch looks like a good alternative to giving a bit of darkness on our stand for the assets. If you can let me know size as well that would be great.

    Sorry for all the questions, I need to go back quite quickly to my client on this.



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