Kitchen Aid Product launch 2017

When household icon KitchenAid® prepare to launch a range of revolutionary food preparation products into the market there is no room for ‘keeping it small’. The mantra ‘go hard or go home’ made Fabricated and KitchenAid® the perfect supplier-client match.

What excited us the most about the brief from our friends at KitchenAid® was the opportunity to create a truly branded KitchenAid® paradise. The multi-room display consisted of various working parts all requiring careful attention to ensure consistent branding and overall interconnected feel to the space.

Countless KitchenAid® branded fabric counters were used together to create dynamic product displays to highlight key product ranges such as the breakfast range consisting of your breakfast essentials; kettles and toasters. Vibrant kitchen graphics helped to create a realistic kitchen background to a range of food preparation products such as the iconic Stand Mixer along with the clever Spiralizer, Fresh Prep Slicer & Shredder and Pasta Roller attachments.

Large scale fabric media walls helped to highlight iconic Stand Mixer along with the clever Spiralizer, Fresh Prep Slicer & Shredder and Pasta Roller attachments in all its glory. The benefit of a dye-sublimation printing process is the vibrancy achieved, this helped the multi-functionality of the product offering to sing.

The pièce de résistance was a custom fabric archway lined with fabric banners featuring the versatile attachments of iconic KitchenAid stand mixer. The walkway style format was the perfect way to visually represent the true multi-functionality of such a prized kitchen machine. With strong and consistent branding throughout, this was a standout for us.

The custom Kitchenaid®  icons were strategically placed around the venue to reinforce branding and helped to link all the rooms together.

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