Hitachi at COSE

We were honoured to work for such a great brand in one of our favourite venues COSE.
The challenge when running an event is trying to create your mark on a very empty canvas. The best advice that we can give is to step back, look at the space you have and work with it.

We created fabric signage which we suspended from existing structures, the treatment of the banners was thoughtful and considered feeling as though they had always hung there. Additionally, fabric banners were draped over existing panels. These custom banners fit the space perfectly and worked in harmony to create a truly Hitachi space.

Sometimes it is hard to navigate which branded elements to use. We can help to guide you in what branded elements will work together to elevate your brand in any environment.

Project categories: Events

Hitachi 1
Hitachi 4
Hitachi 3
Hitachi 2

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