Etihad airways

To support a joint sponsorship event between Etihad Airways and the Sydney Opera House we were charged with creating a custom stage dressing including graphics and the integration of two flat screens televisions.

A branded fabric back wall coupled with two angled side panels join together to create the backdrop for the event. Strong design cues influenced the form of the custom stage design with the angled side panels takes on the the look of wings of an Etihad aircraft.  The ‘wing’ cues were carried through the treatment of graphics on walls to default graphics on screens that were peppered throughout the room.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to dressing spaces to create the perfect event. The podium was finished with a Etihad branded panel. White fabric panels covered existing metal framework of television towers and the Etihad Airways logo was projected onto the floor of the space. All of these subtle details help to create a strong and thoughtful branded space.

Project categories: Events

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