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Club NSW afforded us the opportunity to create several branded elements that could be utilised for their cocktail party and several events throughout the year. The core brief consistent of event specific and reusable branded pieces that could be used multiple times for various Club NSW events. Elements needed to be quick and easy for staff to assemble and erect as well as be easily packed down for storage.

We created fabric media walls, fabric triangular towers, countless hanging fabric banners and way finding signage that was custom to fit existing fixtures. The branded hero piece was a custom branded fabric wrap that was created to sit around and existing reception fixtures. The frame was created to hug the the circular bench. This custom approach to the event registration area made the event look polished, professional and fit for purpose. The custom fabric wrap was easy to construct and was installed and packed down within 15 minutes by staff.  Talk about efficient!

Setting up for events can be time consuming if you don’t have the right elements that meet your requirements. We are able to guide you to select the perfect suite of branded elements to elevate your brand to help you to achieve your goals!

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