AH Beard 40 Winks

Thanks to the team at A.H. Beard for allowing us to collaborate with them on their 40 winks in-store execution. We love how passionate about how the AH Beard Team is about the customer experience in-store. We were charged with creating a store-in-store concept for A.H. Beard. We suspended a branded circular blimp from the ceiling offering 360 degrees of uninterrupted branding.

We then created two fabric arch ways leading into the comfort zone. Branded on both sides, tying all graphical elements in together. A large screen fitted with an smart phone face which streams branded content.

If you have any in-store executions coming up, drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

Project categories: Events, Exhibition Stands

AH Beard NGM
AH Beard NGM 2
AH Beard NGM 3
AH Beard NGM 4
AH Beard NGM 5
AH Beard NGM 6

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