State of Origin

In 2017, we were stoked to service the industry’s best agencies to create a custom SMARTWiG Station to support Game 2 of the State of Origin. The Star, in sponsorship with the NSW Rugby League and the Blatchys Blues handed out SMARTWiGs.

SMARTWiGs are wigs with wearable technology inside which connected to an exclusive radio station featuring six hours of exclusive content including a live across to the NSW Blues locker rooms, interviews and more.

How did Fabricated create the ideal SMARTWiG Station?

We achieved an industry first, creating a 12 meter bench weighing under 50 kgs and packing down into a bag!

The brief was to create a branded outdoor space to attract people to collect SMARTWiGs. The display included a large 12 meter fully reusable and fabric branded bench with matching fabric wall and four smaller remote stations to service a sea of spectators rushing to retrieve their SMARTWiGs!

The 12 meter fabric wall placed behind the bench created height, enhanced visibility through the crowd and produced a branded backdrop.

The four smaller remote stations and backing fabric wall was also set up to help guide spectators to the main SMARTWiG station.

The elements needed to be easily set up, packed down and stored away and we achieved that.  The bench was installed by staff in no time –  check out how simple it was by watching our install video below.

Easy installation to create the perfectly branded space in any location – fast!

What are the benefits of tension fabric displays?

We see fabric as the future of all displays. Fabric is lightweight and versatile and perfect for indoor and outdoor environments alike. From blimps to custom archways. Fabric has longevity and is designed to be used multiple times, once the pattern is created it’s so simple to update graphics for a new activation.

The industry will start shifting to more reusable and sustainable materials for events. Any updates can be made and existing frames retained. Fabric is strong yet easy to store and transport as all elements pack down into padded bags for convenience.

Watch this space for more State of Origin updates from Fabricated.


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