Qantas Freight Event

We worked with our friends at Qantas Freight to dress the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence (COSE) for an exclusive Qantas Freight event. The venue is a blank canvas allowing brands to really make their mark on the space. We utilised elements that felt permanent and made for the space but could be packed down and reused again and again to work in any location!

We created several reusable and custom pieces. The first was a giant ULD box constructed entirely out of tension fabric making it a world first! The box was entirely interactive, with the back wall featuring projection mapping of Qantas freight routes in real time. With a clear brief from the client, we were able to construct the box in a way that enabled the back wall to be removed to create a walkway accessible from either side. The giant box can be utilised for future events to create best in class executions. It is currently part featured as part of a permanent exhibit in the Qantas Freight section at COSE!

Carrying the ULD box motif throughout the space, we created a tower of ULD boxes which were backlit and constructed out of acrylic giving a magical sheen and luminosity to the iconic show piece.

Another notable element was a large scale world map printed onto a free standing fabric wall. This element created an engaging space as employees were invited to draw routes onto the map using markers.

To complete the look, vinyl branding and custom movable logo were created to add the finishing touches to a display that was set up and packed down in less than an hour. Too easy!


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