Feet for 32mm walls

We offer a range of ‘foot’ options for our tensioned fabric walls depending on your needs ! Let us know if you need some replacements or having any questions, we also custom dock them if you need your walls to sit flush against a wall or other space. info@fabricated.com.au | 0414 555 102

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electric pump

Electric Pump

Our electric pump is a lightweight and compact air blower that includes a quick-release air flow nozzle. Great for use with our backlit inflatable counters, towers and walls as well as our inflatable seats and tents ! Check out some of our assembly videos to see it in action ! Kit Includes 1 x Single-Speed […]

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32mm joining clips

Joining clips are great for use on all our 32mm displays, especially the tensioned fabric walls. We always recommend our signature butterfly clip that opens and closes with an allen key. This allows you to join multiple frames together, attach headers, other custom structures and more! Get in touch for more details ! info@fabricated.com.au | […]

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Light bars

We love our colour changing light bars ! They’re run off an app on your phone and allow for endless possibilities ! Not only are they great for trade shows and exhibitions, but also for events, environments and even your own office or home. Change the mood, tone or atmosphere of your environment throughout the […]

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Clamp on lights

Our 50 watt LED clamp on lights for our tensioned fabric walls come in a set of 2. They’re great for creating an impact and setting the mood for your displays. Since they’re LED, its cooler to the touch so you can pack them away as soon as your finished using them ! The clamp […]

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