A favourite product with many of our customers, our fabric display benches and fabric counters can perfectly complement any existing display. They have a thinner design that makes them ideal for tight spaces or smaller stores, and you can get a host of colour and text options to make it stand out or balance out your existing design. We have several options available that include:

  • Angled Fabric Pod – The angled fabric pod allows you to add two small shelves to hold your product and brochures, a soft moulded case and a bubble weighted stand that’s excellent for outdoor use. The double-sided design is perfect for larger events where people come and go from all directions.
  • Half Height Fabric Display Pod – This compact, three-dimensional display is easy to assemble in minutes and very lightweight. You can add a bubble weighted base to use it outside, and it also features an optional 50W halogen bulb to light up your display each time you have it out. You’ll get a chic and sophisticated display you can use all year-round.
  • Full Height Fabric Display Pod – Our full height fabric counters are the perfect advertising tool for those big events, and for helping your customers to see you above the crowd. The weighted base ensures it stays in place, and customers can see your products from every angle.
  • Straight Fabric Display Pod – Available in two different height options, our straight fabric display pod comes with a double-sided print and a durable aluminium frame. You can add shelving for your products or brochures, and the soft moulded case comes made out of 100% recycled materials.
  • Curved Fabric Display Pod – This unique fabric display bench comes in two different heights with a slender design that allows it to fit almost anywhere. You’ll get a dual-sided print with any logos, colours or text you like, and a curved aluminium frame supports the fabric itself.

Trust Fabricated’s Reputation for Quality Fabric Counters

We dedicate ourselves to offering the highest quality products possible to our customers throughout Australia. You’ll get an eco-friendly option made from recyclable materials each time you order a fabric display bench from us, and we’ll work to customise it to your specifications.

Once we have it ready, we’ll get it out the door and on the way to you quickly and efficiently. No matter where you are in Australia, we can deliver to you. We’ve built a reputation for offering some of the best fabric display benches at cost-effective pricing, making it easy for everyone to have them in their stores.

Contact Fabricated for Quality Fabric Counters Today!

Do you like the idea of having a fabric display counter or two at your business? Maybe you have an event coming up, and you need something to make your business pop and stand out? Or perhaps you are looking for a new idea in your marketing arsenal? Whatever it is that you need, we want to hear from you! Browse our stock and reach out and contact our staff with any questions you may have today!

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