Digital signage is up-to-the-minute, versatile and unique to you. What better way to advertise your business, show off your services or keep clients up-to-date than a display format that is easily customisable, presents a whole heap of information and can be managed remotely?

We provide a number of formats for digital signage, including the ever-popular touch screen kiosk, and there is no limit to the settings in which it can be used. At an event or conference, digital signage can be used to display the programme of events, site maps and other information about the event such as catering outlets and menus or information about travel and accommodation.

Uses for Digital Signage at Events

Digital signage comes into its own in retail settings, showcasing product ranges, advertising special offers and promoting impulse buys at point of sale. In fact, the possibilities are endless. It’s the perfect way to get your customers to interact with your brand and make informed purchasing decisions.

And anywhere that provides a service, such as medical centres or beauty clinics, can benefit from touchscreen displays, allowing patients or clients to check themselves in and even make future appointments, thus taking away the burden of admin work from employees. In this scenario, the touchscreen also allows you to display important messages such as directions to the waiting room, expected wait time and key health and wellbeing information.

Advantages of Using a Touch Screen Kiosk

One of our most popular solutions for any of the above scenarios is the touch screen kiosk.

With its 21.5″ and 10 point touch display, the options are endless for usage. It’s the winning choice for hotels, events, exhibitions, lobbies, stores and retail outlets.

Powered by a rechargeable battery with motion detectors and sleep mode to preserve life when not connected to power, it’s as practical as it is versatile.

The unit can be customised with your own branding on the reverse side of the safety glass, and there’s even a built-in USB camera with many uses from video calls to smart advertising!

Our touchscreen table for kids provides an interactive experience for little ones. The add-on media player allows kids to participate in apps and games on a format they are familiar with, making new discoveries through the power of touch. Available in black, blue, pink, green and red, any child will be captivated by this user-friendly and interactive solution.

Our large 58″ touchscreen kiosk with roadcase packs a powerful punch when it comes to engaging with your customers. The digital signage kiosk with add-on touch screen display allows your clients the opportunity to interact with your product or business, discovering its uniqueness for themselves. With adjustable angle and height settings, USB port and remote control access, it’s a truly functional and versatile way to get your message across.

Want to know more about how digital signage can enhance your clients’ experience, streamline your workload and display important, targeted messages? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you make this vision a reality.

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