At Fabricated, we understand that your success is all about capturing the unique essence of your business and translating it into innovative and impactful custom displays.

Whether you are seeking a solution for custom events such as conferences or exhibitions or want a permanent display in your workplace, we can help you find the solution to communicate your message in a high-quality, unforgettable way.

We provide a whole range of personalised products from custom exhibits and custom POS displays right down to chair covers and 3D letters – getting your point across is all in the detail!

Custom Display Solutions that Make an Impact

Spell out your business’s message with our 3D letters. Perfect for making a visual impact at events or as a permanent feature in your place of work, they form an excellent backdrop for photos that can be shared on social media, spreading the word about your company. Used simply as a focal point, they will make your brand appear on-trend and memorable.

Entirely customisable with your branding, colours and logo, our fabric arches will make a statement at any event or custom exhibit. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your business, you will be amazed at the ingenious and innovative designs that are possible.

Our printed fabric chair covers will set you apart from the crowd. They are ideal for use in your office space or at any event. A colourful and practical way to express your business’s individuality, they can be removed for easy cleaning.

Ray White window panels provide a clean backdrop for your windows, the perfect way to display information. Add a pop of colour in your business branding, or keep it neutral in smart grey tones – the choice is yours.

For any outside or custom events, our chill bin covers get your message across loud and clear. Customisable to your requirements, their impact is unmistakeable.

Your customised marquee is set to be a winner at any event. A bold statement, our durable, practical and striking marquees can be used indoors or outdoors for an unmissable opportunity to get noticed.

A customised header attachment gets your message across loud and proud. Whatever your branding or colourway, trust us to reflect your company’s spirit with this unique product.

Fabric column wraps can transform your space in seconds. Personalised with your branding, these column wraps can be used to temporarily customise a conference space, for example. Or, they can permanently brighten up your workspace.

We can even create odd shapes in any format to represent your style…the sky’s the limit!

Custom towers create a real impact at the entrance to your event or office. Personalised with your branding, your clients and customers will not fail to make note of your message.

Make it personal and get in touch today to see how we can transform your displays and promotional material into fully customised and targeted tools to capture the imagination.

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