Whether it’s a short-notice media conference, a one-off publicity event or a major annual function, Fabricated can provide a display solution that’s efficient, reusable and responsive to your needs. Also, our tensioned fabric displays are lightweight and simple to install so they’re ideal for even the most challenging locations.

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Made from fabric these portable events can be rebranded and reused over and over again. All the flat pack elements make it easy to ship, fit in your boot or check in on a plane. With a minimal setup time, the elements of an event allow you to be more efficient and focus on your business.


We have spent over 25 years innovating the design and delivery of trade show displays and exhibition stands all over Australia and throughout the world. With a focus on form and function, our solutions will make sure you stand out from the crowd with their creative appeal, while your bottom line benefits from the inherent simplicity and logistical efficiency.

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Exhibition & Trade Show Display Stands

If you want creative and functional exhibition displays, look no further than Fabricated. We excel at creating trade show displays from various materials to give them a new life. Whether you want a display stand for your business or a large and eye-catching exhibition display, we can create the perfect display quickly and effectively.

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